Thursday, 24 April 2014


So, the evening of Thursday 24th April 2014 will go down in history as the day the Twitter metal band/pop band punathon went didn't always strictly stick to the rules but you'll get the general idea.

As usual it was one of my stupid comments that started it, wondering if we could have a metal boy band called Godless Savage Garden (combining a Dimmu Borgir album and, well, Savage Garden obviously) and it just kind of degenerated from there.....each member of the conversation is listed with their contributions for prosperity, because I think they're worth reading again!!!!  Personal bests have taken pride of place at the top for each person as I've actually ordered each person's entries by my own personal preference.  Yes, I'm THAT sad......bask in our glory/stupidity.

Ian Lipthorpe @Pyfbrown
Gareth At the Gates
Spandau Ballet for my Valentine
Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Darkthrone
Anal Country Music
Metallic Kitten
Huey Lewis and the New Found Glory
Godless Savage Garden

Swag Master General @Aerodax
Wu Tang Clannibal Corpse
Sick of it All Saints
3 Colours Rednex
Sonata Arctic Monkeys
ZZ Toploader
Morbid Angels & Airwaves
Imagine Dragonforce
Earth, Wind & Firewind
Job for a Cowboyzone
Method Manic Street Preachers
Bouncing Soul Asylum

Perran Helyes @AeonsSouth
will.i.amon Amarth
Boyz II Manowar
Taake That
Guns N'Sync
Paloma Faith No More
Beastie Boyzone
Dark Funeral for a Friend
Napalm Death Cab for Cutie
Girlschool Aloud
Pierce the Veil of Maya
The Chris Browning

Iris @darkskycrumbles
Tears for Fear Factory
Bowling for Supergrass
S Club 7 Year Bitch
Slaughter and the Dogs D'Amour

Zephyrus @BagOfFuzz
Stabbing Westlife
Sugababes in Toyland
Nuclear Assault N Pepa
Luther Fang-dross

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