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So, for anyone that cares, here is the full list of gigs that I have been to in my gig-going career. You may notice a rather large proportion during the mid to late 90s which was when I was at college/university and went to the club night at Middlesbrough Arena quite a lot regardless of which bands were playing. A fair amount of third division indie bands during that time, but also a whole load of good bands too.  

I have added links where I was able to locate a set-list (highlighted in red) - first time I've seen most of them since I was at the gig, so it's been good to see which songs I actually saw them play!!!

Note: any bands at festivals that appear after a "+" indicate partial sets, everyone else is a full set.

05/10/93 Carter USM, Sultans of Ping, Blink (@Middlesbrough Town Hall)

01/02/94 Manic Street Preachers, Compulsion, Eve’s Plum (@Middlesbrough Town Hall)
02/12/94 Blaggers ITA, Bulltaco (@Middlesbrough Arena)

03/03/95 Velo Deluxe, China Drum (@Middlesbrough Arena)
31/03/95 Snuff, Bulltaco, Star 69 (@Middlesbrough Arena)
02/06/95 Skunk Anansie, Honeycrack (@Middlesbrough Arena)
09/06/95 Boo Radleys, Swervedriver, Ed Ball (@Middlesbrough Town Hall)
21/07/95 Blameless, Bulltaco, Laxton’s Superb (@Middlesbrough Arena)
22/07/95 Pulp, Sleeper, Menswear, Salad, Powder, Chumbawamba, Skunk Anansie, 60ft Dolls, Blameless, Catatonia, Cecil + Marion, The Bluetones, DetRiMental (@Leeds Roundhay Park)
21/09/95 Shelter, Understand, Shutdown (@Middlesbrough Arena)
06/10/95 China Drum, Honeycrack, Reverse (@Middlesbrough Arena)
17/11/95 Rub Ultra, Fat (@Middlesbrough Arena)
01/12/95 Bullyrag (@Middlesbrough Arena)

19/01/96 Shed 7, Soda (@Middlesbrough Arena)
02/02/96 Cecil, Bullyrag (@Middlesbrough Arena)
06/02/96 Honeycrack, Schtum (@Middlesbrough Cornerhouse)
23/02/96 Perfume, Cooper, 1941 (@Middlesbrough Arena)
08/03/96 Sultans, Mansun  (@Middlesbrough Arena)
05/04/96 Bis, Kenickie (@Middlesbrough Arena)
30/04/96 60ft Dolls (@Middlesbrough Cornerhouse)
03/05/96 Inaura, Helter Skelter (@Middlesbrough Arena)
24/05/96 Manic Street Preachers, Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci (@Middlesbrough Town Hall)
24/05/96 Sneaker Pimps (@Middlesbrough Arena)
28/06/96 Octopus, Geneva (@Middlesbrough Arena)
02/08/96 Senser, Agent Provocateur (@Middlesbrough Arena)
04/10/96 Kenickie, Gold Blade (@Middlesbrough Arena)
11/10/96 Salad, Brassy (@Middlesbrough Arena)
25/10/96 Urusei Yatsura, Eska (@Middlesbrough Arena)
01/11/96 Catatonia, Diggers, Big Leaves (@Middlesbrough Arena)
08/11/96 Symposium, Speedy (@Middlesbrough Arena)
05/12/96 Northside (@Middlesbrough Arena)
06/12/96 3 Colours Red, Symposium (@Middlesbrough Arena)
13/12/96 Rachel Stamp, Circus (@Middlesbrough Arena)

17/01/97 Groop Dogdrill, Soul Bossa (@Middlesbrough Arena)
31/01/97 Gold Blade, TC Hug (@Middlesbrough Arena)
07/02/97 Perfume, Spacemaid (@Middlesbrough Arena)
11/02/97 Suede, Mansun (@Middlesbrough Town Hall)
14/02/97 Space Monkeys, Hardbody (@Middlesbrough Arena)
21/02/97 Silver Sun, Grass Show, Montrose Avenue (@Middlesbrough Arena)
07/03/97 18 Wheeler, Formula One (@Middlesbrough Arena)
14/03/97 Speedy, Rude Club (@Middlesbrough Arena)
18/04/97 Travis, Spacemaid (@Middlesbrough Arena)
25/04/97 Smaller, Montrose Avenue (@Middlesbrough Arena)
09/05/97 Corduroy, Mantaray (@Middlesbrough Arena)
16/05/97 Jesus Jones, A (@Middlesbrough Arena)
23/05/97 Carter USM, Midget (@Middlesbrough Arena)
06/06/97 David Devant and his Spirit Wife, The Smiles (@Middlesbrough Arena)
13/06/97 The Hybirds (@Middlesbrough Arena)
01/07/97 Teenage Fanclub (@Newcastle HMV)
03/08/97 China Drum, Velma, Helter Skelter (@Stockton Festival)
22/08/97 Sick of it All, Symposium, James, Millencolin, Silver Sun, Kenickie, A, Incubus, Carrie, Strangelove + Suede, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Dust Junkys, Period Pains (@Reading Festival)
23/08/97 Manic Street Preachers, Space, Super Furry Animals, Republica, Gold Blade, My Life Story, Stereophonics + Wannadies, Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci, Lemonheads, Rude Club (@Reading Festival)
24/08/97 Metallica, Marilyn Manson, Terrorvision, Bush, 3 Colours Red, Descendents, Dog Eat Dog, Feeder, Radish + Bis (@Reading Festival)
12/09/97 China Drum, Cable, Carrie (@Middlesbrough Arena)
18/10/97 3 Colours Red, Bullyrag (@Middlesbrough Arena)
06/12/97 Teen Spirit, White Negroes (@Middlesbrough Arena)

17/01/98 Catatonia, Derrero (@Middlesbrough Arena)
14/02/98 Catherine Wheel, Feline, Radiator (@Middlesbrough Arena)
11/04/98 Dust Junkys, Bullyrag (@Middlesbrough Arena)
18/04/98 China Drum, Pecadiloes (@Middlesbrough Arena)
28/04/98 Tura Satana, Will Haven, Psycore (@Middlesbrough Cornerhouse)
14/05/98 Symposium, A (@Middlesbrough Arena)
30/05/98 Carrie, Feline (@Middlesbrough Arena)
25/09/98 Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci, Olivia Tremor Control (@Middlesbrough Arena)
13/11/98 Gold Blade (@Middlesbrough Arena)
20/11/98 Delakota (@Middlesbrough Arena)
04/12/98 Miles Hunt and Malcolm Treece (@Middlesbrough Arena)
14/12/98 Manic Street Preachers, Catatonia (@Newcastle Arena)

29/01/99 One Minute Silence, Pulkas, Liberty 37 (@Middlesbrough Arena)
02/02/99 Cathedral, Orange Goblin, Terra Firma (@Middlesbrough Arena)
04/02/99 Pitchshifter, Radiator, Tribute to Nothing (@Middlesbrough Arena)
21/05/99 Symposium, Nojahoda (@Middlesbrough Arena)
28/08/99 Charlatans, My Ruin, Reef, Guided by Voices, Bis, Cyclefly, Liberty 37 + Chemical Brothers, The Fall, Dandy Warhols, Seafood, Marine Research, Gene, The Jellys, Add N to X, Apollo 440, Bellatrix, The Donnas (@Leeds Festival)
29/08/99 Blur, Symposium, The Divine Comedy, Snuff, Fungus, Atari Teenage Riot + Idlewild, Catatonia, Witness, Patrick Jones, Pavement, Ten Benson, Quasi, Sebadoh, Doves, The Pharcyde, Sleater Kinney, Cay, Nojahoda, Big Leaves (@Leeds Festival)
30/08/99 Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Offspring, Dark Star, Silverchair, Feeder, Pitchshifter, Buckcherry, Sick of it all, Backyard Babies, Lit + Terrorvision, The Auteurs, Dog Eat Dog (@Leeds Festival)
01/10/99 Feeder, Cay (@Middlesbrough Arena)

26/08/00 Stereophonics, Placebo, Slipknot, Rage against the Machine, Blink 182, A, Supersuckers, Cay, My Vitriol + Daphne and Celeste, The Crocketts (@Leeds Festival)

05/04/01 Too Much Ruth, Afterglow, Obsidian Machina, Gerbil Bob (@Middlesbrough Dickins Inn)
06/04/01 Afterglow, Gerbil Bob, Obsidian Machina, Too Much Ruth (@Middlesbrough The House)
08/04/01 Obsidian Machina, Too Much Ruth, Afterglow, Gerbil Bob (@Middlesbrough Doctor Brown’s)
24/08/01 Eminem with D12, Marilyn Manson, Papa Roach, Queens of the Stone Age, The Cult, Alien Ant Farm, System of a Down, Fear Factory, (Hed) P.E., Boyhitscar + Roots Manuva, Stephen Malkmus, Cat Power, Xzibit, Grand Theft Audio, Hundred Reasons, Biffy Clyro (@Leeds Festival)
26/08/01 Manic Street Preachers, Nebula, Supergrass, Feeder, Voy, Dropkick Murphys, Shelter, Save Ferris, Linea 77, Kids Near Water + LostProphets, Fun Lovin Criminals, Rancid, 28 Days, Guided by Voices, And You Will Know us by the Trail of Dead, Thirteen 13, Terris, Two Tone Karma (@Leeds Festival)

23/08/02 Guns N’Roses, The Prodigy, The Offspring, Slipknot, Incubus, NOFX, Puddle of Mudd, Hundred Reasons, Amen + Dillinger Escape Plan (@Leeds Festival)
24/08/02 Feeder, The Breeders, Jane’s Addiction, Weezer, New Found Glory, The Dandy Warhols, The Bellrays, The Von Bondies + The Strokes, Guided By Voices, Fenix TX, Mercury Rev, Finch (@Leeds Festival)
25/08/02 Foo Fighters, Muse, Ash, Sum 41, The Hives, A, Andrew WK, Vex Red, Sahara Hotnights + Rival Schools, Alec Empire, Less Than Jake (@Leeds Festival)

18/09/02 Reef, Sugarstone (@Middlesbrough Cornerhouse)
27/09/02 Pitchshifter, Taproot, The Kennedy Soundtrack (@Middlesbrough Town Hall Crypt)

26/05/03 Reef (@Middlesbrough Music Live)
11/06/03 Tim Vine, John Archer (@Middlesbrough Theatre)
22/08/03 Metallica, System of a Down, Sum 41, Primal Scream, Good Charlotte, The Used, All American Rejects, Biffy Clyro + Hell is for Heroes, The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster, Kinesis, Cardia, Sugarcult (@Leeds Festival)

11/12/03 My Ruin, Charger, Exitbyname (@Middlesbrough Town Hall Crypt)
13/12/03 Complete Stone Roses (@Middlesbrough Empire)

12/04/04 Amen, Ikara Colt, Minus (@Middlesbrough Town Hall Crypt)
04/05/04 Funeral for a Friend, The Haunted, Million Dead, Onelinedrawing (@Middlesbrough Town Hall)
31/05/04 Viking Skull (@Middlesbrough Town Hall)

13/01/05 Punt and Dennis (@Middlesbrough Theatre)

28/04/07 Punt and Dennis (@Middlesbrough Theatre)
15/05/07 Manic Street Preachers, Fear of Music (@Newcastle Carling Academy)

30/03/08 Nightwish, Pain (@Newcastle Carling Academy)
03/05/08 Pritchard and Dainton (@Middlesbrough Empire)

12/04/09 British Lichen Society (@Stockton Georgian Theatre)
07/12/09 Dragonforce, Sabaton, Sylosis, Glamour of the Kill (@Middlesbrough Empire)


11/02/11 Feeder, Deaf Havana (@Middlesbrough Empire)
17/02/11 Punt and Dennis (@ Middlesbrough Theatre)
18/04/11 Tim Vine, John Archer (@Middlesbrough Town Hall Crypt)

03/04/12 Korn, Downlink, JDevil (@Bristol Academy)
22/04/12 Paradise Lost, Insomnium, Vreid (@York Duchess)

03/10/12 Tim Vine, John Archer (@Middlesbrough Theatre)

02/12/13 China Drum, The Fear (@York Fibbers)

14/04/14 Within Temptation, Delain (@Newcastle Academy)

24/09/14 Dragonforce, Neonfly, Death Valley Knights (@Middlesbrough Empire)

13/10/15 Bullet For My Valentine, While She Sleeps, Coldrain (@Middlesbrough Empire)
30/03/16 Trivium, Savage Messiah, As Lions (@Middlesbrough Empire)

14/11/16 Lacuna Coil, Forever Still, Genus Ordinis Dei (@Newcastle Riverside)

02/02/18 Royal Scottish National Orchestra - The Music of Star Wars (@Edinburgh Usher Hall)

Live Chart

This works out pretty well with three of my favourite bands among the bands that I have seen the most (Manics, Feeder and A). Others like Symposium and Catatonia were decent but their high placing is more about how often they played locally or at festivals I went to rather than being particular favourites.  I have omitted some bands from the 2 and 3 section if I just happened to see them rather than chose to see them!!

6 - China Drum, Feeder, Manic Street Preachers, Symposium
5 - A, Catatonia
4 - Bullyrag, Gold Blade
3 - 3 Colours Red, Bis, Carrie, Honeycrack, Kenickie, Pitchshifter, Reef,
2 - Amen, Blameless, Carter USM, Cecil, Dragonforce, Incubus, Liberty 37, Marilyn Manson, Metallica, My Ruin, The Offspring, Radiator, Salad, Shelter, Sick of it All, Silver Sun, 60ft Dolls, Skunk Anansie, Slipknot, Snuff, Stereophonics, Suede, Sultans of Ping, Sum 41, System of a Down.

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