Sunday, 20 October 2013

Feeder Top 50

After the 90s top 50 started it all and I then moved on to my favourite band, Manic Street Preachers, there was only one logical band to turn to next for the top 50 second favourite band, Feeder.  I think I had heard the odd song beforehand but my real introduction came through seeing them early on the main stage at Reading in 1997.  There were a lot of good bands that day but I was familiar with most of them, so Feeder were the band I came away from the festival thinking they were my new "find".

Sixteen years later and they still haven't disappointed, from the early Smashing Pumpkins-isms, through the attempts at superstardom, to the more introspective post-Jon Lee material there has never been a duff period of their career.  Like the Manics they're another band who have an embarrassment of riches in B-side material, even to the extent that they released two of them as A-sides and they made my top 10!!  There will be more top 50s to come, but until then I hope you enjoy the Feeder Top 50!!

1. Just a Day
2. Descend
3. Buck Rogers
4. Tumble and Fall
5. Come Back Around
6. Yesterday Went Too Soon
7. We Can't Rewind
8. My Perfect Day
9. Shatter
10. Call Out
11. Insomnia
12. Cement
13. Tangerine
14. Sweet 16
15. Turn
16. Feeling a Moment
17. Stereo World
18. Crash
19. Pushing the Senses
20. Shade
21. Just the Way I'm Feeling
22. Lost and Found
23. Oxygen
24. Day In Day Out
25. Moonshine
26. Polythene Girl
27. We Are the People
28. Tender
29. Hole in my Head
30. Opaque
31. Waiting for Changes
32. Forget About Tomorrow
33. Comfort in Sound
34. Seven Days in the Sun
35. Can't Dance to Disco
36. Paperfaces
37. High
38. The End
39. Feel it Again
40. Radiation
41. Satellite News
42. Burn the Bridges
43. Forgive
44. Find the Colour
45. Miss You
46. Pilgrim Soul
47. Tinsel Town
48. Calling Out for Days
49. Suffocate
50. Victoria

By Era
Swim 4
Polythene 9
Yesterday Went Too Soon 8
Echo Park 7
Comfort in Sound 8
Pushing the Senses 7
Silent Cry 3
Renegades 2
Generation Freakshow 0
Others 2

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